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25,000 miles without an oil change? Sounds a little crazy. How about five years without caring for your roof? It's just as crazy. Most people get a new roof and forget about it until it leaks or needs replacement. This reactive approach to roofing maintenance is analogous to changing the oil on your car after you have engine problems. By that time severe damage has occurred and an expensive repair is the only solution. There is a better approach; an Edwards Roofing Maintenance Program. An Edwards Roofing Maintenance team will regularly inspect your roof, probe areas of potential problem, find and repair minor problems.

Consider the following misconceptions:

1.) A roof just sits there, nothing can happen to it.

While a roof does not move like a car, there are many forces that act upon it that give it a very dynamic nature. For example: the sun's ultraviolet rays beating down, the oppressive Gulf Coast summer heat causing the roof to expand followed immediately by a cold late afternoon shower causing it to contract. These forces will cause minor defects, which if ignored, will cause major roofing problems. These exposed felts if not repaired can cause major problems

2.) But I have a roofing warranty. 

A roofing warranty is a manufacturer's assurance that a roof will last a specified time period under normal conditions and periodic maintenance. Almost all warranties are voided if a customer does not maintain their roof and very few cover any kind of damage done by vandalism, careless people on the roof or "acts of God." Damage caused by tree limbs or drains backing up is not warrantable and is avoidable through proper maintenance.

3.) My maintenance person can take care of it.

If you are fortunate enough to have a maintenance person there is some basic maintenance that they can do such as cleaning debris. Many maintenance people do not realize the complexity of a modern roofing system. Many times they do more harm than good by using materials that are chemically incompatible, or they void a warranty because they do not use proper technique.

This repair costs an owner three ways:

  • Their maintenance person repaired it improperly.
  • The repair did not work and actually compounded the problem.
  • Edwards Roofing had to undo the "repair," then fix it properly.

4.) A roofing maintenance program is expensive.

Roofing maintenance needs to be included in the building maintenance budget. Done on a regular basis it will actually save you money! By removing debris from the roof, using compatible materials and certified technicians, and fixing small problems before they become big, you can prevent large unexpected repairs, avoid costly business interruptions and extend the life of your roof.

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