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All roofs as they age will show signs of wear. However, if a roof has not badly deteriorated, Edwards Roofing coatings crews can provide a roof restoration that will greatly extend the life of the roof.

Each existing roof must be individually inspected and evaluated for its suitability to be restored. Once a roof has gone too far to be restored, the only option can be replacement, and that is usually much more expensive. That is a service that Edwards Roofing can help you with the inspection and evaluation if you need. We can work with any of several of our different manufacturers to design a roof restoration system that is the best value for your situation. Restorations and coatings can be installed on metal roofs, membrane roofs, and modified bitumen roofs. Usually these systems are bright white in color, dramatically reducing the absorption of heat into the building and reducing energy consumption all while providing the waterproofing that is so necessary.

A roof restoration is more than just a coating, it is an entire system. Edwards Roofing seals and reinforces seams, fasteners, penetrations, etc., then coats the entire roof with an elastomeric product. Edwards Roofing has restored smooth and granular surface built up roofs, modified bitumen roofs, single ply roofs and metal roofs at a cost significantly less than conventional reroofing.

Edwards Roofing is an approved applicator for Topcoat, ER Systems, Hydrostop, US Ply, Neogard and American Weatherstar coating systems, and both manufacturers provide a ten-year warranty or longer under certain specifications.

An Edwards Roofing restoration can save you money in other ways: The white coating is highly reflective which greatly reduces cooling costs, and savvy business owners understand the advantages of restoring a roof compared to the capital expense involved with a conventional reroofing project.




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