Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

Commercial roof repair is a big task. There are many different options to best repair an upper exterior surface. Let’s take a look at check out some of them and learn what they are and the way it all works.

The basic differences in a flat over an angled covering in commercial repair are one of preference. Both require timely maintenance. For flat surfaces that are smooth, it will require cleaning in preparation for repair. If you can find wet insulation under the membrane, it will need to be removed and replaced. If there’s damage to the beams or structure then it is best to fixed it at this time. Afterwards, a new surface is installed. If there are only certain areas that need attention, it will be done by cutting out the old and replacing it with new layers and coating. Elastomeric coatings are used for the superior expansion characteristics that are desired in climates with extremes in temperature. Commercial repair for a flat surface is done similar to any other flat roof that is not a commercial roof.
Taking a look at some repair materials for an angled exterior surface, we find that so many are used that it is impractical to mention them all. A few are metal coatings, canvas, recycled materials, gravel foam systems, mansard, single-ply, standing seam, and others. Metal is a preferred choice. The TPO system is another common choice and is made from a thermoplastic, reinforced fabric and rubber together. Many of the commercial roof repair projects on these will need different tools and expertise. The metal covering is corrugated to fit together and channel the rain downward. The repair on this is sometimes just a simple coating. For more extensive repair, sheets may be removed and replaced.
The TPO commercial roof repair is dependent on the age of the surface. A TPO covering has membranes that age under the strain of sun wind and rain. These are repaired using a heat welding process. It is quite simple. What happens is that you scuff up the surface, prime it with primer and then use a sealant to replace old material with the new.
As easy at is sounds, commercial roof repair continues to be a big job, covering what sometimes can be acres of area. Dealing with large numbers is an important difference between commercial roof repair and residential home repair. Different materials are used because the aesthetic value of a commercial roof is lower than a residential one. Commercial roof repair is simply an ongoing task every business should be ready for.