Roofing Repairs & Maintenance


Commercial roof repair is a big task and should only be completed by a licensed, qualified roofing company such as Edwards Roofing Co., Inc..

Our commercial roof repair division works with property managers, multi-facility owners, building owners and maintenance supervisors of all kinds to find and implement the best possible solution for their roofing system. We have a step by step approach to each service request we receive in order to provide the most efficient and professional experience for all of our clients.

Please call today to schedule to have one of our highly qualified commercial roof repair technicians fix the leak in your commercial roofing system!



The roof on your commercial building is one of the most important components of your commercial facility, yet it is often forgotten about until there is a major problem. ie a leak in the server room .

Let Edwards Roofing Company set up a Scheduled Maintenance Program to take the guessing out of your roofing system.  We can:

Complete Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Custom roof inspections and cleanings

Complete a one time Roof Inspection and Report  

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